End-X Systems was formed to bring law enforcement agencies a variety of safer and more efficient ways to end pursuits.  End-X Systems has developed a Pursuit Termination Unit called the PT700.  This system uses the most advanced spike strip design called Phantom Spikes®. Phantom Spikes introduce a new standard for officer safety.

End-X Systems is determined to provide each agency with the highest quality products and the best customer service. The majority of our employees are current or prior law enforcement officers. So we understand the dynamics of law enforcement.

We are committed to developing new and innovative products, which will help officers do their job safer and more efficient. We believe in continuous improvement which is why we’ve partnered with an engineering firm in New York that shares our vision.

Engineered with a focus on safety, the PT700 allows law enforcement officers to use Phantom Spikes® effectively and safely. Officers can expect a combination of increased flexibility and safety, ensuring effectual and swift ends to pursuits.