The PT700 has three 30″ Phantom Spikes tethered together with a 100′ line and reel system. These are the smallest spike strip systems on the market which make it the easiest to deploy. This system comes in a protective storage bag so¬†it is ready when you need it. This system¬†makes it easy to throw across several lanes of the road by all differently sized officers. When the target vehicle approaches the Phantom Spikes can be pulled into position using a line and reel system.

Our spike design allows tires to deflate without a blowout and is effective on all types of vehicles. All of the spikes are contained internally in each spike strip and can be safely handled. Phantom Spikes have spikes every two inches, more spikes than any other strip. This is the next generation of spike strips.

Email us at for prices. Start replacing your old systems with the newest technology at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Officer safety and cost savings!

The Single Phantom Spikes are designed to control traffic at border crossings, checkpoints, and roadblocks. They are also an effective tool to be used during traffic stops and in driveways to prevent a vehicle from leaving. Safe to handle and easy to use.