The most efficient Pursuit Termination Units on the market!

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ps-btnPhantom Spikes are tire deflation devices that are specially designed to be used with the PT1100. Each Phantom Spike is equipped with an LED lighting system. Two seconds after deployment the lights active so officers can easily locate them.
pt1100-buttonThe PT1100 enables officers to safely get tires deflated early in the pursuit. No other system exists that is as dynamic and efficient as this. The PT1100 keeps officers inside the vehicle instead of out in the road trying to get tires deflated. The system is made from a high grade aircraft aluminum and is built to last.
Len BettendorfEnd-X Systems was formed to bring law enforcement agencies a safer and more efficient way to end dangerous pursuits. Our system can also stop WRONG-WAY DRIVERS! Contact us to learn more about the most effective Pursuit Termination Unit on the market.

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