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The most efficient Pursuit Termination Units on the market!

PT800 Kit

The PT800 kit is our newest product. This is a hand-deployed spike strip system that includes four 30″ Phantom Spikes® tethered together with a retrieval reel. Our new Phantom Spikes are small and easy to deploy. These high performance spike strips are the safest hand-deployed system because of their small size.  Email us at for current prices



Phantom Spikes are specially designed spike strips with all of the spikes contained inside each spike strip. Phantom Spikes are the smallest and most streamline spike strips available. This makes Phantom Spikes the easiest tire deflation system to deploy for all different sized officers. Phantom Spikes – The best value on the market.



The PT1200 is a hand-held launch system that launches three Phantom spikes. This   system can be used as a hand-held system launched with a push button OR the system can be set on the ground and launched using a wireless controller. This versatile system can be used in almost any pursuit scenario. 

Test and Evaluation Units Available!
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